VULCAN CONEPT - strong in functionality


VULCAN CONCEPT power tools are the sum of unchanged barren and nutritious prices - good for home budgets. 
On the wave of changing attitudes towards repairs and DIY, everyone who loves repairing and renovating has slowly appreciated this brand. 
Thanks to VULCAN CONCEPT, handymen can rely on good, but cheap tools, which are a complete solution and irreplaceable in home repairs.



The Zero Waste plus DIY trend - this fashionable formula came to us from an unexpected direction    -> it is currently not a trend, but a kind of necessity, and it is provided for by EU directives. Soon, every home and electronic device will have to show a repairability index - which means that the ability to easily repair a given product will be rewarded. This is a change of philosophy - let's say for the better - and a departure from mindless buying and throwing everything away at the slightest sign of wear or after the first failure. So much for philosophy - and what does it mean in practice?



On a daily basis, this means a shift towards repairing instead of throwing away. Do-it-yourselfers will appreciate a set of smart, reliable and affordable power tools. It is best if these power tools are powerful portable devices - i.e. battery-powered. This need is met by the VULCAN CONNECT 20V system with fully replaceable batteries. This set includes angle grinders, drills, screwdrivers, jigsaws and saws. But that's not all - we also have floodlights, flashlights, a tube squeezer, a handy pump and a practical compressor.

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