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  1. The guarantee period is 24 months and it starts running from the day of the documented sales to a direct user.
  2. In case of the purchase related to issuing VAT invoice the guarantee period is 12 months.
  3. The guarantee repairs are carried out in the Guarantor's service point located in the seat of Profix.
  4. The guarantee covers defects of construction and in material disclosed during the guarantee period on the condition of proper operation.
  5. The guarantee do not cover:

- any damage caused by the user,

- repairs, modifications or changes made by oneself and operation of the device inconsistent with the instruction manual,

- damage resulting from failure to follow the instructions when starting, maintaining and operating the device,

- damage caused by device overload resulting from excessive operation of the device or work in improper conditions,

- natural wear and tear of the parts like graphite motor brushes,

- any mechanical damage and the ones that causes wastage of things,

- repairs that consist in adjustments and the actions provided for in the instruction that the user is obliged to perform by itself and at its own expense.

6. The guarantee rights will be lost if the interference in the device is ascertained that is not carried out by an authorised service point.

7. The complaint should be made directly to the Guarantor or the point of sale within 3 days of the day the defect is detected. The goods covered by the complaint should be delivered to the point of purchase or directly to the manufacturer – the time limit for repair may be extended. The guarantee period is extended by the time of repair.

8. Accepted repairs under guarantee will be carried out within 14 days of the day the device is delivered to the service point. If the repair requires an expert opinion or if spare parts need to be ordered directly from the manufacturer, the time limit for repair may be extended. The guarantee period is extended by the time of repair.

9. The basis for exercising the rights under guarantee is the presentation of the receipt for the goods and the Guarantee Card with a seller's stamp, the information on purchase date and the type of device. The Guarantee Card is invalid without the information and stamp required.

10. Checking an efficient device by guarantee service is not understood as repair under guarantee. The costs of such checking is borne by the device owner.

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